Administrative Building Viapol. Ceramic raised floor
Ceramic raised floor

The Administrative building from Viapol Real State have installed the raised access floor Gamaflor.

This high class building has about 2000 sqm of corporative office have been builder with high quality materials.

The access floor supply was developed for the engineers team from Polygroup and it´s possible to say today that is the most advance and durable system at the market.

The Gamaflor Full Steel Porcelain is manufacture with a steel and concrete panel finished with ceramic tiles directly from the factory obtaining a high quality pieces for the correct functionality and versatile of the raised floors system.

he structure is composed for steel pedestal and stringer creating a crosslinked where inlay the panel of access floor ceramic, it obtain a system with high resistance load, maximum level of fire classification, perfect absorption of sound and the better aesthetic for a high class offices.

Actually the company is developing project with many international architects and engineers where this kind of access floor has a big importance and in the finals of the buildings and where this raised floor porcelain is really enjoying.

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