Central Telemetry building in Kuwait
Central Telemetry building in Kuwait

Polygroup supplies raised access floor system GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL finished with vinyl CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR for the Central project Telemetry Building in Kuwait. 

Kuwait, in spite of being a relatively small country with 3,6 million inhabitants, presents at present a few interesting opportunities of business in the field of the infrastructures and construction. The economic prosperity of the country, salesman of the oil, and his surplus budgetary Superiors, allow to 20 % of the GDP that this Gulf State should be in conditions to attack many of the hanging and necessary projects that the country takes demanding for 20 years

The Project comprises of the construction, completion, commissioning, handover and maintenance of the Central Telemetry Buildings. The Works mainly comprise of the following buildings: Telemetry Building, Environmental Building,  Purification and Water Resources  and  Sub-Station and Plant Room .

This raised access flooring system has excellent characteristics provided by his system of manufacture by means of pressing, which awards him to be a pavement with the highest resistance to the intense traffic and with the special characteristic of being CONDUCTIVE. His advanced manufacturing process consisting of a pressing of high pressure obtains like proved a few extremely compact tiles, without porosity, of great resistance to the graze and to the chemical agents, of excellent dimensional stability, with a very economic maintenance and an electrical very stable resistance.

The raised floor´s installation  was chargeable to the Midas Furniture Company, modal in distribution and installation in Middle East.  It can see more on the product in the following link.

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