sustainable design

" Leader in Energy efficiency and sustainable Design - LEED "

Nowadays the sustainable buildings LEED more outposts in the world they are carried out using the " Integrated Process of Design and Construction "

In Spain we have 236 buildings in the Program LEED of which 90 have completed the certification. What indicates a rate of success of LEED in Spain of 38 % that is only to two points with seven of 40,7% that have the buildings in USA.


LEED it is having successful on the market because unlike other systems is developed consensus and collaboration by the industry, is raised by judgements of market and of profitability and bears in mind to maximize the well-being and the health of the persons and to reduce the impact in the environment.

Our commitment with the environment has done that our company POLYGROUP EUROPE be part of the U.S. Green Building Council, making systems of raised access floor that will contribute an important value for the obtaining LEED certificates and energetic classifications of the buildings.

The whole manufacture of our systems of raised access floor is produced under international procedure fulfilling the maximum details of quality, innovation and respect to the environment.

By means of a careful process of selection of the raw materials and a method of manufacture based on the sustainability, we offer solutions of pavements for every project, facilitating the construction of the building and economizing on his costs.

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