Raised access floor for the new data center N.A.T.O. in Kabul
Raised access floor for the new data center N.A.T.O.

For the new center of data of the O.T.A.N in Kabul has been selected the system el sistema GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL CONDUCTILE SUPER-OR.

This raised technical floor system allows the installation of a large amount of data cables, and combines the maximum resistance to load and fire.

It also has an advanced technology of electrostatic derivation in the systems of raised floor for telecommunications and data center.

The technology of this system allows the cooling of the rooms. This floor is equipped with ventilation grilles made of steel for the expulsion of air to the room, providing a full service in the installation of the flooring of the building.

For all this, by its non-directional design and its resistance to heavy traffic make this system the perfect choice for the new headquarters of the N.A.T.O. in Kabul.

The approval of the system for this project goes one step further towards the consolidation of the firm as a reference in the manufacture of specially developed high technical floor systems for Data Center rooms.

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