floors for the new Bank to the Etihad in Amman
Bank to the Etihad in Amman

Polygroup has been selected as a supplier of raised technical floors for the new construction of the branch in Amman of the Bank Al Etihad

Bank Al Etihad, institution of banking and financial services based in Jordan, currently operates 31 branches. It is in a process of expansion, where it expected to open 36 more branches during the year 2013.

 It currently funds a variety of infrastructure projects with great benefits for the country and its citizens in various sectors such as electricity, energy, renewable energy, education, tourism, water treatment and desalination.

After various conversations between Polygroup and the Bank Al Etihad to speak about different aspects of the project has been chosen as pavement the Gamaflor Pac 35/05 Líder system. It is a system whose tiles have composition with high density chipboard core pressed with a 700 kg/m3 density and variety of finishes to choose.

In addition, Gamaflor Pac 35/05 Líder system is one of the most suitable for this type of buildings above all by its load bearing capacity, its high resistance to abrasion and traffic, as well as humidity.

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