Raised Floor

Polygroup offers solutions for raised access floor systems combining high quality and aesthetic with functionality and safety, from headquarters corporation offices to government buildings, libraries, casinos, airports, data processing centers, laboratories, and other facilities. 

Raised Access Floor Systems are modular, made up of tiles which are supported on a steel structure with different heights to achieve different levels. All raised floor panels are independent and identical which allows the exchange among themselves and the access to the remaining space underneath.

Polygroup manufactures raised acceess floor innovative solutions adjustable to any project. They cover all the needs of access to facilities, raised areas and space organization, saving in maintenance costs and gaining high aesthetic level for the building.


Raised Access Floor Systems:

  • Gamaflor Full Steel: Highly innovative raised access floor system which can be installed for multiple purposes. As most important characteristics, it holds heavy loads; it is fire-resistant and fully damp-proof. Furthermore, it provides the best acoustic absorption and durability. 

  • Gamaflor Pac/Bank: This Raised Access Floor system has great benefits and a high quality aesthetic due to it wide range of finishes. There are natural finishes such granite or hardwood and synthetic coverings, giving to all varieties an innovative look. This system has great balance for dynamic and static loads and high warranty for the final user. 

  • Conductive system: The need to get rid of electrostatic charges generated at a building or any other area has driven the initiative for the creation of raised access floor systems with a much better electrical conductive capacity.

  • Gamaflor Pac Sulf: It is the suitable raised technical floor for moderate traffic locations and moderate loads where besides the building needs such as walls and ceilings, acoustic functionality is required. 

Raised Access Floor Structures :

The term "System" in raised access flooring shall be considered as a set of pieces combined to each other, not one by one independently. All parts of the system are of great importance for the correct functioning and its excellent technical results.


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