Access Floor for transport terminals
Raised floor for transport


Airports require a demanding and modern architecture with high functionality. Polygroup will take perfection to the most singular design, thanks to its tailored high quality, high flooring that will make your project unique.

A terminal has multiple halls, common areas, shopping malls, cafeterias, restaurants, checking counters. Areas will improve their technical and aesthetics appearance with the use of Polygroup technical flooring.

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Control towers and operational emergency rooms.

The vast amount of completed projects has provided us with precious experience in the construction of control towers and operational emergency rooms.

We are a trustworthy partner to develop control areas and emergency rooms, as our specialised team works on solutions that provide audio, as well as fire protection; they will be present all along the process of construction of your control hall, thus guaranteeing its quality and safety.

Railway Stations and Operational Control Rooms.

With our high quality floorings, you will always make it to your destination. Railway station generally demands special and special designs. Taking that into account, we develop our high flooring systems:

  • Control rooms

  • Technical halls

  • Luggage areas

  • Tickets Offices

  • Information points

  • Shopping areas

We design them in a manner efficient and respectful of the environment, implementing international quality standards and last generation technology. Thus, the travellers wait becomes an agreeable experience.

Maritime and Seaport Terminals.

We have high flooring systems suitable for high rates of transit and resistant to humidity that will provide your project with the necessary functionality, versatility and aesthetics.

The variety of designs in the finishing provided by Polygroup will provide you with the maritime environment required by your project.

We highlight the use of GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL System due to its resistance and durability and its possibility of combination with any finishing that may better the appearance of your building. GAMAFLOR PAC System are also perfectly suitable for this type of area of use and allow saving in costs.

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