Raised floor systems for leisure
raised floor for LEISURE

Building theatres, concert halls and casinos demand special and complex know-how. Some very important aspects include, for example, the protection against noise, fire, the ideal spatial acoustics and the optimal integration of technical within interior architecture.

Radio and television studios need specific solutions for their projects in order to guarantee high levels of acoustic isolation, an optimal special acoustics and high functionality. We assume responsibility to find the most suitable combination of technical flooring for you.

With regards concert halls, the highest demand is to add an optimal special acoustics to perfection, a highly representative design and high levels of functionality. Being experienced construction specialists, we offer a variety of solutions for a variety of spatial acoustics concepts, to suit your wishes. Your concert hall will provide for a multifunctional space that, according to the event, will always offer suitable acoustic conditions.

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In casinos, entertainment and demand may go hand in hand in perfect harmony by means of acoustic technical floorings that provide both the versatility of means to channel all required electrical network and data network required in this type of environments, and at the same time the possibility to re-design distribution of space between existing halls. Have the most up to date and functional casino, and place your bets!

We are pleased to provide you with a detailed advice on the variety of technical possibilities and to develop with you an integrated concept. Hotels and Resorts_Checking-in with Polygroup.  We have a sound experience in hotels and tourist resorts. Contrary to what most companies offer, we provide will all services in what may be required by any hotel resort.

We are permanently available to answer your call or that of your architects, even during the planning phase, in order to have exceptional projects come true and still be within reasonable economic limits, both when dealing with new constructions as much as when dealing with rehabilitation and expansion. High technical floorings allow moving ahead faster than your competitor, as we adapt to in-force legislation in fire and acoustic protection as well as in aesthetics, providing functional advice.

Make a single contract and save in maintenance, while integrating the flooring into your corporative image. Polygroup offer implementation of your project, a detailed planning, hand manufacturing and assembling, all coordinated through a project manager who will also be your personal interlocutor, ready to answer all your questions.

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