Access Floor for Offices buildings
Raised floor for offices,building and interior design

In cooperation with architects and international corporations, we fully carry out the interior design for big special projects offering a product tailored to your needs. A modern and technologically advanced office will require the use of technical high flooring that will offer versatility, accessibility and cost efficiency in its maintenance.

Polygroup’s technical and productive capabilities allows big construction projects as well as the high quality remodelling of the interior design of your office space within the estimated budget, a definite temporal deadline and providing all necessary solutions.

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Polygroup offers standard and/or special high technical flooring for all sorts of projects, including:

  • Governmental, institutional and State offices.
  • Corporative offices, international headquarters with a unique corporate identity.
  • Office space for rental and sales purposes.
  • Insurance and banking offices, be it small branches or big headquarters.
  • Special projects.

Polygroup highlights the use of its high Access flooring GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL GRANITE for corporate halls and presidential offices in combination with the GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system that may take any type of finish, specially developed for high transit areas in headquarters and common areas.

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