Approved for the company BEFESA

POLYGROUP SPAIN SL has been approved as a supplier / contractor for the company BEFESA AGUAS SAU (Abengoa Group). The first commercial collaboration with this company will be supplying ACCESS FLOOR for SULFURIC ACID PLANT, which the company is executing in the Port of Bilbao.

The new plant will occupy an area of 21,850 meters square in the spring AZ1 the Port of Bilbao. The project is expected investment by 38 million Euros.

BEFESA through its subsidiary -BEFESA Valorización de Azufre, S.L.U -(formerly Acoleq Químicos) provides a production of 329,000 tons of sulfuric acid per year, plus you'll get a product called "Oleum" obtained from the processing of sulfur waste as a result of oil distillation processes.

The cogeneration plant will be equipped with electricity, leading to an associated power generation of about 90,000 megawatts per year.

The investment is the culmination of a process that began several years ago and which has important ramifications in the real estate sector.

The project will be financed on the one hand, by a syndicate of banks, and secondly, by the sale of land from its current plant.

POLYGROUP provide 700 sqm of material Gamaflor FULL STEEL Antistatic, relying, addition BEFESA with confidence of, for the execution of the installation work given the complexity of it. The implementation of the activity of the plant is scheduled for late 2011.

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