Based Emergency Service 112, SPAIN
Raised floor office building 112

The new Center 112 Extremadura, Spain becomes a "global" reference.

Within this commitment be more effective to the accident and emergency service the new headquarters of 112 Extremadura, situated in the area of ​​'Mérida Third Millennium' at the capital of Extremadura is framed. A building becomes a "national reference" on accident and emergency care.

As for the architectural features of the building include the commitment that has been made to minimize energy expenditure in a place that operates 24 hours a day. Thus, the building serves as a porous stone which shaded patios, spaces, levels of decks let you control your temperature.

The materials used inside are recycled, systematized, and partitions that are made inside are built with safety glass or translucent according to underserved areas, which are also removable and relocatable. The design and construction management was carried out by GAP Architects.

Building facilities run, accessible, for technical ceilings and floors and there is absolute control over all building automation (temperature, lighting, networking, emergency ...). Polygroup was present in this project providing raised floor GAMAFLOR PAC finished vinyl.

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