New Train stations
New Train stations

Finished the project that ADIF has developed in the last years in Seville (South of Spain) that will promote a mobility greatly increased in this area.

The Project had an investment of 66,33 million € and now the number of travelers will be about 11 millions. In the train stations constructions, were remodeled the old buildings and were built other news for the high level of travelers of the next months.

All the building materials used for this project were studied for the technical teams of ADIF, and these were selected for the high quality and functionality.

About the raised access floor was selected the system Gamaflor Full Steel finished with heterogeneous vinyl of 2.5 mm and 0,70mm layer protection because is an access floor very usual for high transit and long life, also the cost of maintenance is low than other raised floors and is a good point for choose this steel and cement system.

The Gamaflor raised access floors are being used in multitude build construction for the Rails area, Air areas and Naval areas for the different advantages of the systems. Each access floor system that Polygroup produce has a high quality standards and controls in the manufacturing process. 

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