Kpone Thermal Power Plant, Ghana
Kpone Thermal Power Plant, Ghana

Ghana is a symbol of the emerging new Africa and a leader in terms of stability and democratic consolidation in the region. Ghana's new status as a producer of gas and oil country is also significant challenges. The Government of Ghana is aware that it will be under international scrutiny, and is committed to manage its resources in a transparent and efficient manner. These features mentioned above make the country a important area for foreign investment and development of large new projects.

Kpone Thermal Power Plant (KTPP) is a public investment project from Ghana´s the Ministry of Energy, under the supervision of the Volta River Authority, in collaboration with German consulting FICNTNER and the local subsidiary of British construction Zakhem. The project is currently in its final phase and will be completed in mid-2016 with an investment near to 100 million dollars. The Power Plant is located in a coastal area, in the city of Kpone near Tema, Gulf of Guinea. The contract for the installation, testing and commissioning of two Alstom GT11N2 (EV) gas turbine generators and all associated auxiliary plus infrastructure EPC power plant. The plant will supply power to the national grid supplementing the existing hydro and thermoelectric capacity and ensure electricity supply in times of water shortage if there is failure of hydroelectric generation to meet basic needs.

Inside the project, the technical rooms and facilities of the Power Plant (KTPP) is required a raised floor system that allows placing a lot of wiring, pipes, voice and data installations. But it is also needed a high level of security in terms of fire resistance, high load capacity of the panel. The pavement must be antistatic finish to avoid electrostatic charges generation. POLYGROUP has been selected as supplier of Raised Access Floor for all technical rooms of the Power Plant. The system installed in this project was POLYGROUP GAMAFLOR PAC system with 600 x 600 x 35 mm wood core panels finishes with POLYGROUP ANTISTATIC VINYL LIDER.

The product has been manufactured under GAMAFLOR brand quality standards with chipboard core of high density (720 kg / m3) measures 600 x 600 x 35 mm, the bottom protected with a galvanized steel sheet 0.5 mm and top finish with antistatic vinyl heterogeneous of 2.5mm, this pavement is a high quality vinyl with the greatest abrasion resistance of market. The panel is supported by a under-structure of high quality steel pedestals formed by GAMAFLOR Rod T-70 and GAMAFLOR stringers T-525, this structure allows height adjustment designed to get the maximum stability of the raised floor.

This project was internationally recognised by the London based PFI Awards as Africa’s most outstanding power deal of 2014.


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