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Highly innovative raised access floor system which can be installed for multiple purposes. Remarkable characteristics, it holds heavy loads; it is fire-resistant and fully damp-proof. Furthermore, it provides the best acoustic absorption, durability and life expectation.

GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL raised access floor system has the highest heavy-load capacity thanks to its steel encapsulated core injected with lightened cement panels.

Its 600x600 mm floor panels consist of a thermoforming steel bottom sheet with 64 concave holes electronically welded to a smooth top steel sheet and a strengthening edge trim. Due to its final protection paint furnace treatment for anti-corrosion, the best fire-rated ranking is obtained under American and European Norms.

Gamaflor Full Steel perfiles baldosas

The inert composition (steel cement panel) rate this system as one with 0% humidity absorption classification obtaining the lowest thermal conductivity level versus the traditional raised access floor ones.

Panels are classified according to the thickness of the upper and bottom steel sheets into Light,  Heavy Medium, Heavy, Heavy High and Extra Heavy

This table show the capacity of each panel according the American Standard Norm and European Norm:

FULL STEEL LIGHT 0.7/0.7 mm 3.70 kN 55 Kg > 11 kN 25 kN/sqm 5A31 A1
FULL STEEL HEAVY MEDIUM 0.9/0.9 mm 4.50 kN 68 Kg > 15 kN 41 kN/sqm 6A31 A1
FULL STEEL HEAVY 0.9/1.2 mm 5.78 kN 79 Kg > 17 kN 41 kN/sqm 6A31 A1
FULL STEEL HEAVY HIGH 1.2/1.4 mm 6.70 kN 101 Kg > 20 kN 41 kN/sqm 6A21 A1
FULL STEEL EXTRA HEAVY 1.5/2.0 mm 8.85 kN 135 kg > 26 kN 46 kN/sqm 6A21 A1

All our raised access floor systems are tested by third part laboratory includding Access floor thermal conductivity test,  access floor electrical resistance test, access floor finished peel strenght test, access floor humidity absorption, antiseismic raised access floor test and analysis, others.

The panels of this raised floor system are in-layed into a height regulable steel structure whith an average range from 60 mm to 1500 mm final height; more final heights options can be manufactured under request.

The structure is made of pedestals and screwed-in stringers making this system to achieve the highest stability in the event of lateral movements or even earthquakes. Read more in GAMAFLOR STRUCTURE


The top panel is highly configurable offering a wide range of pavement finish options depending on its final use that will be bonded from POLYGROUP´s factory increasing the aesthetics value of the space, there is a wide range of floor pavement options (natural and synthetic) suitable for any interior design. The system provides more configuration versatility and endless distribution of space possibilities as well as significant reduction of the cabling system visibility. See more about raised access floor finishes possibilities.


You can donwload the technical specifications for including in your projects under the european or american format here


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