Raised Floor for Rail Station in Arabia

One of the most important railway projects worldwide it is being executed in Saudi Arabia, consists of the connection high-speed rail of different cities that will cross more than 440 kms with final destination the Mecca.

The route includes the construction of 4 stations that architects were designed for Foster&Partners and Buro Happold architects during the year 2010. POLYGROUP like company specialized in solutions of raised access flooring for the railway sector took part in the technical design of the raised access floor for the train stations developing a new system of special characteristics.

The needs of channeling of electrical facilities, voice, data, pipelines, anti fires and air conditioning under the system of raised flooring carry to the development of the system POLYGROUP GAMAFLOR PAC in special measures of 750x750mm that opposite to the conventional systems of measures standard 600x600mm allows more far-sighted extent in the step of the facilities under the raised flooring.

The product has made under the quality norms of the brand GAMAFLOR by means of a high density woodcore (720kg/m3) of measures 750x750x30mm that was ended in the top and low part by steel galvanized of 0.5 mm of thickness giving to the system the requirements of loads, protection to the fire and protection to dampness in a high range.

As the panel, the structure of steel formed by pedestals and stringers was modified to obtain the reticule of measures 750x750mm and this way to facilitate the step of the high volume of facilities.

The raised  floor POLYGROUP was supplied in the year 2015 in Saudi Arabia to be installed on the stations of Jeddah, Rabigh and Meddinah. The design of every station is defined by a color: gilding for Mecca, in reference to the golden letters of the Kaaba; green for Medina; blue and silvering for Rabigh-KAEC, as symbol of a new emergent city, and purple for Jeddah, in reference to his culture.

The result of the installation has been very positive on the Saudi market where it is estimated end of the raised access floor of natural stone of granite favoring the exclusivity of so important and renowned buildings.

POLYGROUP will continue the expansion in the raised  floor business in Saudi Arabia during the next years helping to design projects with architects and consultants and obtaining reputedly high class projects.


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