Office Building Vega del Rey, Seville, Spain
Office Building Vega del Rey

The Vega del Rey´s complex is based in 4 buildings with 11.000 sqm each one with a total quantity of 24.000 sqm areas where technological companies like Microsoft or Fujitsu has branch in the South of Spain.

The design of the building is a modern tech center with high capacity for develop business in telecom, energy and investigation areas for the most important companies.

POLYGROUP has supplied 24.000 sqm of GAMAFLOR PAC 35/05 raised access floor system manufactured with wood core panels made and finished with antistatic vinyl LIDER of 2.5 mm total thickness and 0.7 mm transparent layer for obtain the maximum resistance to the heavy traffic. The finished was made in plane color for obtain the most homogeneous and continuous appearance and mix this element with the other modular parts of the building like ceilings and partitions.  

Vega del rey complex is the most important area in the city for develop new companies and start ups, and the POLYGROUP raised access flooring has been selected for the high capacity and versatility in this areas. The different buildings obtains easy way to keep the facilities and change the distribution in the offices compositions.

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