Art and Cultural Center Madrid, Spain.
raised access floor Cultural Center in Alcobendas

The Art Center in Madrid is present like reference space for the plastics art, the music and the literature with national and international vocation. Meeting point for important artists from Spain, French, Germany, Austria and others countries.

The art center is the work of architects Mr. Fernando Parrilla and Mss. María Isabel Muñoz, is a contemporary, singular, emblematic and grow up sensual in the city center for show the most innovative form. With 9 floors and total area of 17.214 sqm the building is like a sculpture that invite to enter, hear, look, participate and learn.



POLYGROUP was the supplier chosen for develop the raised access floor system in this important building, the company supplied 10.000 sqm of raised access floor ideal for this kind of building manufacturing the GAMAFLOR PAC 35/05 system finished with plane color vinyl for be part of this wonderful art work. The raised access flooring was installed in different parts like work spaces, auditorium with different heights between 150 to 1500 mm final height.

The architects says that this material is important election because the flooring system give to the building the versatility and functional requirement that Art Center need in the different areas.

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