Polygroup  is an International Manufacturer Company of raised access floor since 1975. Polygroup maintains commercial network on EuropeAmerica and Asia, exporting to over 50 countries from their different production centers. We offerinnovative technology and high capacity of production to all projects in which we are involved, manufacturing different raised access flooring systems which can be adjusted to the needs of any market.

The Firm ongoing R&D&I investment has made it possible for us to be leaders in manua cfacturing innovative products for all the possible areas of use like offices, airports, libraries, museums, casinos, military sites, naval sites, data processing centers, electricity power rooms, etc.

It should be noted that, among our customers, there are different international corporations that have entrusted Polygroup their projects because of our high quality raised floor systems.  


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Polygroup offers solutions for raised access floors combining high quality and aesthetic with functionality and safety, from headquarters corporation offices to government buildings, libraries, casinos, airports, data processing buildings, laboratories, and other facilities.

Raised Flooring systems are modular, made up of tiles which are supported on a steel structure with different heights to achieve different levels. All raised access floor panels are independent and identical which allows the exchange among themselves and the access to the remaining space underneath.

Polygroup manufactures raised floors solutions adjustable to any project. They cover all the needs of access to facilities, raised areas and space organization, saving in maintenance costs and gaining high aesthetic level for the building. 


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Polygroup has a staff of over 60 employees all over the world with the common purpose of reaching success and quality manufacture in order to hold its market leadership position. The importance to suit the customers’ needs using the Gamaflor systems requires a team with high level experience in manufacturing, innovation and developing our products.

Each customer is special for us and we carefully listen to their needs using our technical and human experience to fully meet their expectations. Sincerity and honesty are essential principles in our team. We develop a close relationship with our customers to obtain a successful collaboration.

Our staff comes from different continents which gives great added value to the company due to its intercultural atmosphere. We demand in all our departments the highest efficiency and compromise in order to obtain the best raised access flooring system.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" (Henry Ford)


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Polygroup is a corporation continuously adjusting to different atmospheres, developing products and solutions for our raised floors. We aim at different goals such as:

  • Our customer’s satisfaction and the environmental respect.
  • Our customers and their needs are very important for us. We give great value to the confidence placed on our company making the commitment to be part of each project, designing, manufacturing, delivering and giving a full service beyond our customer’s expectations.
  • Polygroup is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and stands out for the clean manufacturing of its products by means of the CO2 diminishing emission; the purchase of recycle raw material and achieving sustainable and environmental-friendly products.Beyond our own interest, we are concerned about environment and also the future, working close by our customers and putting our efforts in a green manufacture that looks after the future of our planet. 



Our internationalization started in 2004 and it has been the company strategy because of the successful introduction of products in the American, Asiatic and European markets, and the creation of subsidiary companies in those areas.

This internationalization is explained through the development of constructive solutions in the different raised access floor systems manufactured by Polygroup and adjustable to each market typology. The continuous collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and experts of the sector to develop new projects will lead the strategic line of our company to new emerging countries due to the increasing level of demand.

"It is only possible to advance when one looks further” (José Ortega y Gasset)

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