Barcelona Airport. Access Floor Gamaflor Full Steel
Barcelona Airport

Actually is in process the raised access floor installation that Polygroup have supplied for the new offices in terminal 2, El Prat Airport, Barcelona.

The project was drawn from Aertec Studio with a close collaboration with Polygroup in many times and they have selected the Gamaflor Full Steel system like the more appropriate for this important project for the high resistance load and maximum fire classification.

Barcelona Airport, started in 1918 when the first airplane arrive from Toulouse and destination Casablanca. Since then the passengers traffic is increasing markedly, in 1963 around 1.000.000 passengers used the airport and now finishing 2011, we can speak more than 30.000.000 passengers.

Polygroup have developed raised access floors system for the aeronautical sector that it require high technical characteristics for control rooms, simulation rooms, testing laboratories, control towers also prestigious products and exclusivity products for presidential areas. 

full steell access floor

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