Office Building for Port Authority
Office Building for Port Authority

 In the next few days the raised access floor that Polygroup supplied to the construction for the Port Authority`s Office Building in Huelva will be finished.

This time the system provided by Polygroup was the Gamaflor Pac 35/05 red HPL floorcovering that makes a contrast between the floor and the other elements of the building.

The new Port Authoity`s headquarters is in Huelva in the south of spain, inside of the most modern construction place of the city. The building becomes in a new element of the place and is creating interest for the kind of construction.

The project was written for PROES Consultants`s team and they have used high quality materials for the construction, they have confided in the Polygroup raised access floor system and we can to see the quality for the european products and the new development from Polygroup.

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