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The importance given to acoustics in different places such as museums, theatres, cultural places, offices, etc, nowadays, it has been one of the main reasons for the thorough development of the GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system and its acoustics concerns.

GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system consists of 600x600 mm panels made of steel with injected cement screwed to steel pedestals creating a solid and stable product which increases acoustic absorption. It is recommended the use of self-supporting carpet coverings for optimal acoustics results in this raised technical floor system. 

Raised floor systems with granite or porcelain finishes are manufactured through the assembly of the piece on the core of the panel through the thermal fusion. This system includes an acoustic membrane between the two parts, which absorb the irregularities of the stone at the bottom and creates a perfect sound system.

As a result, POLYGROUP manufactures acoustic systems characterized also by a great comfort in the footprint.

The GAMAFLOR structure is made of galvanized steel pedestals with two pieces of 3 mm thickness each screwed one to each other (head and base). They are assembled to an 18 mm metric threaded rod with a double steel nut that can be regulated to secure the system. The Raised Access Floor level is guaranteed after the installation is finished. Panels remain quite screwed to the pedestal head, providing solidity to the system in the event of lateral or vertical movements.

You can see the technical specifications of these technical floors here

Our system is ready to be used without stringers in heights bellow 450 mm. For heights over 450 mm, it is required the use of galvanized steel perimeters of stringer type FS-585 of 1 mm thickness with an acoustic gomme to absorb noises. Those perimeters will be screwed to the pedestal head achieving a perfect raised access floor level balance in high heights.

The GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system with high quality factory made coverings will use at any height the stringer and it will remain among the four perimeters

GAMAFLOR structure fire classification is A1_ EN_13501. 



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