Access floor structures
Raised floor STRUCTURES

The term "System" in raised access flooring shall be considered as a set of pieces combined to each other, not one by one independently. All parts of the system are of great importance for the correct functioning and its excellent technical results.

GAMAFLOR structure has been developed with engineering that allow the system to obtain the best safety levels. It is made of zinc steel pedestals the height of which can be regulated and stringers for the architectural bracing.

The GAMAFLOR pedestal has been designed to be used with GAMAFLOR PAC/BANK and GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL systems with no need of a different structure. It has 2 heads of 3 mm thickness screwed to each other, assembled to an 18 mm metric threaded rod with double steel nut that guarantees stability and the levelling of the system through time. 

structures raised florr fullsteel pacbank 1

Structure is complemented with steel stringers assembled to the pedestal head creating a reticule to fully support the tiles. Stability and load resistance at the system increase by using it.  

Estructura Gamaflor Full Steel Pac Bank sin baldosa 1

POLYGROUP  has developed pedestals for high heights raised acess floors. Heights over 900 mm are required in many rooms where all type of electrical, air-conditioning, communication and other installations are housed under the flooring. Access floor pedestals for heights over 900 mm are made of a steel base of 150x150 mm and 3 mm thickness. The base will be joined to a pipe 30-40 mm diameter with a base at the upper part to screw the pedestal head.

Due to this improvement, stability and load resistance requirements are obtained for heights much over the usual ones.There is the possibility of reaching heights up to 2500 mm with a previous technique study. Certain markets or types of buildings require of a raised access floor structure that provides solidity to the flooring in the event of earthquakes or lateral movements. The solution to this problem is using steel braces supporting the pedestal tube that are later screwed to the base flooring. According to the need it can be used from one to four braces, the results achieved are always optimal for the system.

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