Access Floor for Technical Rooms
Raised floor for Technical Rooms

A single electrostatic shock in the wrong place may be determining for the right functioning of equipment. Data processing rooms, racks and laboratories require a maximum of technical accuracy when choosing the appropriate construction materials and in particular with high technical flooring.

Load capacity, air conductivity and electrostatic resilience are decisive when deciding the flooring for a data processing room, a control centre or a clean hall. Polygroup develops systems especially designed for these types of areas. The data and information storing industry demands the use of safe and technologically advanced products. Accurate solutions to facilitate the use of their technical hall.

Our special division responsible for data processing rooms places the company at the first position in innovation in these systems, offering a complete solution for the hall’s flooring. Providing both the flooring and the necessary acclimatisation elements and their adapted flooring makes it easier to combine all services in one single idea.


A wide knowledge in the sector and the trust of big technological companies allow us to offer our services in a single and global manner:

  • Analysis of the conditions of the project.
  • Advice on the most suitable high technical flooring solution.
  • Design and planning, as well as provision and installation of the products.
  • Development of special products, adapted to Special requirements.
  • Project management and support in the management of the works.
  • Training and technical advice to your staff.
  • Technical equipment for the use of high technical flooring in the building.
  • Maintenance.

What makes special our high floorings manufactured for technical areas is:

  • Maximum accuracy in the system adjustment. No movements. No vibrations.
  • Acclimatisation technology through the system itself. Servers’ and racks’ cooling, as well as of specific industrial machinery.
  • Non corrosive, non-magnetic and fire-proof materials.
  • Perfect behaviour of the electrostatic charges, shunt current and dissipative floorings.
  • High level of load resilience, both surface-distributed and punctual, for the correct positioning of the machinery.
  • Cost efficient at supply and therefore also maintenance-efficient.

Perfect for different types of industry, including:

  • Electronics, Technological, as well as for information and data storage.
  • Pharmaceutical: Laboratories, Testing spaces and clean halls.
  • Control and technical centres: energy control centres.
  • Optical technology, but also for accuracy and microsystems
  • Food: laboratories and manufacture clean halls.
  • Special solutions.

Polygroup highlights the use of the raised access flooring GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL CONDUCTIVE for this type of rooms due to its load resilience. This system may be combined with the use of ventilation grills resistant and non-corrosive. The GAMAFLOR PAC CONDUCTIVE system, more economic is also recommended for these areas as a second best alternative.

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