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The Data Centers, as its name suggests, must be designed to accommodate a large volumen of data, where the distribution of them will be the key for its good working.

To develop a Data Processing Center, we need to provide materials that allow great flexibility in order to achieve a better adaptation to future continuous technological advances which will be succeeding. POLYGROUP, through its continuous innovation and development processes, provides us an effective and efficient solution by creating a line of products specifically for this kind of technical rooms, where, channeling and cooling installations are essentials in this kind of buildings.

The main benefits offered by raised access floor Gamaflor Systems for this kind of technical rooms are the following shown here below:

  •   Satisfies the necessity of an easy access to electrical, climatic, water and fireproof installations located under access raised floors.
  •   Offers the maximum load resistance for racks and servers, and high fire rating according to European Standards.

Finally, Access Raised Floor Gamaflor solution provides security, flexibility, efficiency and therefore trustfulness for all those involved in its building trade such as: designers, owners and data center managers.



suelo registrable climatizacion cpd

The use of access floor inside data centers is due to its close relationship with the air conditioning of the room.

Data processing centers access floor systems composed of tiles which are supported by steel pedestals, creating a plenum under access floor where air conditioning is channeled. Some of these tiles are composed of perforated steel access panel which allow expelling cool air for cooling the room and the servers. The air flow is regulated according to the needs required by the room.


The use of access floorings inside data processing centers is essential as it will support their racks and servers equipment, cracks and other operational element in this kind of room. The perfection of POLYGROUP Systems ensure maximum system stability, avoiding floor vibrations and offering high accessibility to plenum. POLYGROUP develops systems with high load resistances as point load as distributed load in order to achieve the proper elements support upon the system.


Raised access floor systems POLYGROUP are development for DPCS (Data Processing Centers) which require high levels of security due to its composition. All of their items are composed of high quality materials, using steel as the basic base. So, it is obtained the maximum level of load resistance, maximum level of fire resistance, maximum level of humidity resistance and maximum stability.


Due to the importance of DPCS security is necessary the appropriate choice of access floor system. It must have a low transverse electrical resistance to help the electrical discharge that is generated by the equipment of the room.

POLYGROUP has development electricity conductive systems and antistatic which will help the smooth running in the building. These POLYGROUP systems are an essential part to electrostatic discharge.

pavimento tecnico conductor cpd pavimento tecnico conductor cpd


Polygroup has developed access raised floor systems specially design for using in Data Centers. Access floors Gamaflor system enjoy maximum international certification of prestigious laboratories obtaining the best results through carefully test. These are the followings:


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